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About Us

Ygg Studios was created as the fulfillment of a life-long dream of its founder, Spencer Schluter. After studying written, verbal, and visual communications and working in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors, Spencer wanted to bring new and creative methods, perspectives, and attitudes to the fields of organizational development, marketing, and communications. 


At Ygg Studios, everything we do is rooted in our values of honesty, integrity, cooperation, and sustainability. It is our firm belief that most organizational failures are caused by poor communication and commitment to these fundamental values is critical to preventing such failures.


With the advent of new and evolving technologies, such as social media and mobile computing, the landscape of challenges and opportunities facing any organization is subject to constant change. Traditional marketing and advertising agencies accustomed to the process of managing television, radio, and print often struggle to keep up with the demand for a rapid pace of change. Social platforms add or remove features, new apps gain or lose popularity, and the time required to respond to inquiries or outrage is measured in minutes instead of days. For any organization, struggling to adapt to this ever-shifting environment is difficult and for many, it can be catastrophically overwhelming.


When naming his company Spencer chose to honor Yggdrasil, the mythological Norse Tree of Life or World Tree. This ancient symbol spans every inhabited continent and countless cultures. Its far-reaching branches and widespread roots connect all living things. Choosing Yggdrasil to represent our organization symbolizes our commitment to unify humanity through vital, truthful, and transparent communication. In this spirit, Spencer and his partner Janae Almen have set out to nurture the development of sustainable and ethical organizational development by offering their expert advice and assistance to any who seek it.

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